I love The Post at 750!

As it’s important to kick off the New Year right, I thought I’d post about, well, The Post. The Post at 750 that is, nestled in with the beautifully revamped CBC Vancouver studios. It’s a new experiment in collaborative cultural synergy at #110-750 Hamilton Street inhabited and managed by PuSh International […] Read more

A Golden Age of New Music in BC?

The richness of new music offerings in Vancouver is staggering and the quality of performance outstanding! In nine concerts over the past two weeks, I’ve been amazed at the variety of organizations and ensembles and genres and approaches, and the quality of performance that continues to astound. Turning Point Ensemble […] Read more

Hello Friends …

A Letter of Introduction to my new Canadian Music Centre family: I grew up in what was then a very rural area. We had a lot of fun running wild in the woods, but culturally it was a desert. Thankfully the gift of weekly violin lessons in Vancouver opened up […] Read more

The Microbe And The Galaxy

Two recent scientific discoveries seem to encapsulate the majesty of the entire universe, its enormity, its infinite complexity and bewildering variety. In mud found 2 miles below the seabed of the Arctic Ocean with its punishing pressures, depth and darkness, scientists have discovered a miniscule microbe that is revolutionizing our understanding of our own evolution and […] Read more