Chinatown Night Market

Tom Hudock)

Last night Tom and I were at the closing ceremonies for the Thirteenth Annual Chinatown Night Market, held Friday and Saturday nights from May to September, just steps from our home.

Mayoral candidate Peter Ladner and City Councillor Kim Capri both spoke at the packed event, and were warmly received. It was a beautiful, late-summer evening, and we managed to snag some very tasty dumplings along the way.

Ten years ago this month, Tom and I went to mainland China for the first time, visiting Hong Kong, Beijing, Dalian and five cities in Hebei Province, including Baoding, Shijiazhuang and Tangshan. We also walked on the Great Wall – for me, one of the most extraordinary experiences in a lifetime of travel.

We were there on tour with pop star Ricky Martin, who had just performed on the Grammys and was creating a sensation at the time. He performed two sold-out, televised concerts in a 60,000-seat stadium in Dalian, China at the opening ceremonies for the Dalian International Fashion Festival.

Introduced to the crowd.

Tom Hudock)

Mayoral candidate Peter Ladner and NPA slate, including yours truly – 3rd from Right. (Photo: Tom Hudock)


Tom Hudock)

Peter Ladner w/City Councillors Kim Capri and Raymond Louie and Night Market organizers
Peter Ladner w/City Councillors Kim Capri, Raymond Louie and colleagues