Xtra West’s Exceptional Report

Standing together with Trans Alliance advocate, Daljit & Peter Ladner
Peter Ladner (R) along w/ NPA candidates Daljit and Sean standing with Trans Alliance volunteers after signing their rights petition

In an article headlined: “New Queer Candidate Seeks NPA Nomination“, Xtra West reporter Shauna Lewis writes about my run to win the NPA nod as a candidate for City Council.

According to Xtra: “Non-Partisan Association (NPA) Vancouver mayoral hopeful Peter Ladner is singing the praises of Sean Bickerton — the latest queer candidate hoping for a spot on the NPA’s municipal election slate.

Ladner stated: “The NPA is there to support Sean. We are going to be welcoming him with open arms to our team and looking forward to his support November 15.”

As Lewis reports, I first became involved in civic politics when I discovered intolerable living conditions after moving into our Tinseltown apartment three months ago. After ten years of neglect, mutual recrimination and uncivilized living conditions, I found a way to bring everyone together  – residents, the strata council, local businesses, the developer, city and provincial agencies and local police to cut through obstacles and implement an action plan that started with our building and is now helping to clean up our Tinseltown neighbourhood.

As part of that action plan, I wrote to the Mayor and all members of the Vancouver City Council on June 6 about our horrible situation. Of all the councillors I contacted, only members of the NPA responded. Ever since, I have kept BC Lee and Peter Ladner informed of developments.

Councillor Lee then came to our second Cleanup meeting on August 6 at our invitation. After an exchange of emails, I then met with BC Lee and Councillor Suzanne Anton at City Hall on August 26 to discuss the advisability of mounting a bid for Council.

The NPA interview process involves early screening, a thirty-page questionnaire, a challenging interview process by a purposely agnostic nominating committee charged with putting each candidate through their paces. I also met with several councillors, and spoke to local, provincial and federal politicians I know before deciding.

I may be new to civic politics, but I have been actively involved in the fabric of life in this area since I was a child. And if I receive the nomination of the NPA membership on September 13, I  will do everything I can to help Peter Ladner improve this city. 

Please join us.