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Sean, Peter Ladner, Sean's Mom & spouse Tom
Sean, Peter Ladner, Sean's Mom and spouse Tom.

Geoff Dembicki, writing for The Tyee’s Hook column, reported yesterday on our bid to win NPA backing to run as a candidate for City Council. “Sean Bickerton announced his (NPA) nomination bid on the deck of his Tinseltown condo last Friday afternoon. His husband of 22 years and family were among the assembled crowd.

“Though he’s never held elected office, Bickerton is no stranger to civic involvement. When he noticed sanitation and odour problems in his building, he enlisted local businesses and residents to address the issue. And a desire to create safer streets and deal with Vancouver’s homelessness problem brought him to the Union Gospel Mission, where he currently volunteers.”

Dembicki went on to write: “(Bickerton’s) sexual orientation could prove a big asset for the centre-right NPA. When Bickerton was asked whether his sexuality bolstered the diversity of the party’s council slate, mayoral candidate Peter Ladner spoke instead. “Let me answer that question,” Ladner interjected: “Yes.”

“If elected to council, Bickerton said he aims to spearhead safer sex education drives, revitalize Davie Street and crack down on anti-gay bashing.”

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