West Ender Weighs In!

Jackie Wong, writing in the West Ender notes that: “Interest in revitalizing the Downtown Eastside is shared by Sean Bickerton, whose new home in the neighbourhood sparked his interest in city processes. (Back in the city just two years) after a 20-year absence from his Vancouver hometown, Bickerton moved with his partner into a condo near the International Village mall in the spring. The building had problems with sanitation and odour, so Bickerton e-mailed the mayor and city council for help. “The only people that responded were members of the NPA,” recalls Bickerton. “I started keeping Peter Ladner and B.C. Lee informed, because they responded.”

A positive relationship developed from there, and Bickerton, who has worked as a violinist and as vice president of Columbia Artists in New York City before moving back to Vancouver, decided to throw his hat in the ring for city council.

“I want to do anything I can to help Peter Ladner get elected. Regardless of whether I get the nomination or not, that’s what I’m going to be doing,” says Bickerton. “I think [Ladner’s] a real person of dignity, and it’s cost him a lot to take the stance that he has taken, to understand the need to stand up and assert leadership at a time when it was lacking… He helped when he could, when we had a serious problem, and he’s embraced us completely.”