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Mike Howell, writing in today’s Vancouver Courier, quotes a few haiku I penned in 2000 for family in friends in a small book called Millennial Haiku. As Howell writes:

This page before me
Is white like a snowy field.
A shame to spoil it…

Nice, eh? That’s haiku, ladies and gentleman. The title: “Blank Slate.” But I can’t take credit for the verse. That goes to Sean Bickerton, a council candidate for the NPA.

In another one of those amazing look-what-the-Internet-turned-up moments, a paid member of the 12th and Cambie nation alerted your correspondent to a book of poems titled Millennial Haiku.

Bickerton, who lived in Manhattan for many years before returning to Vancouver, began writing the poems Jan. 1, 2000.

It was the first thing I did every morning–a kind of daily meditation–one poem every day for a year,” he wrote in the introduction to his book. “Thankfully, for your sake, I’ve only included this group of 54…”

//>Philly Girl</a>
Blue-Footed Booby photographed by Philly Girl

Here’s one titled “The Genetic Spice of Life”:

Blue-footed Boobies
Mate for life, but Mom seeks flings
While Dad’s out fishing.

Another one is titled “Beauty Rest”:

Amaryliss blooms
Brilliant red, the eye’s delight;
Soon to sleep again.

Bickerton never mentioned his haiku talent when he introduced himself to NPA members at last month’s nomination meeting. He focused more on his desire to revitalize neighbourhoods with help from the performing arts.

Maybe Bickerton is the NPA’s answer for bringing back entertainment to kick off council meetings. One of the first orders of business when the NPA won a majority in 2005 was to scrap the entertainment before council meetings.

If elected, could Bickerton become the city’s political poet?

Maybe he can combine talents with George McWhirter, the city’s poet laureate? Or maybe not.