Serving Dinners @ UGM

Dishing Out Veggies For Thanksgiving Dinner


On Monday, we joined Peter and Erica Ladner at Union Gospel Mission to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner to more than 3,500 people on a cold, wet Monday. The day started for the UGM staff before dawn after a week of preparations, and meals were served non-stop from 10:30 am until well after 5:30pm in three shifts of volunteers.

UGM serves 1,000 meals a day in five locations – it is impossible to exaggerate the need or their effectiveness in helping people turn their lives around. It is an honour to volunteer with this amazing group of caring people.

On October 25th, Tom and I, along with Vancouver chef Gerald Obre, are starting a UGM Cooking Class, to teach grads of their remarkable drug and alcohol addiction program the basics of cooking as they transition from assisted to more independent living. The idea is to change the relationship from one of being fed to learning how to feed themselves.

Capers has kindly offered to donate the food we need for each class. But we still need basic cooking tools — six hotplates, chef’s knives, cutting boards, frying pans and pots – to give grads of their program once they complete the class. If you or anyone you know can help donate these items, please contact Sean at 778-668-1764.