Cleanup Efforts Cited by Peter Ladner & Frances Bula

From Frances Bula’s column on the Leadership Vancouver Mayoral Debate: “(Ladner) cited Woodward’s as an example of the kind of project the (Downtown East Side) needs, which has mixed uses and which will “infuse the neighbourhood with social capital.” That means people with the energy to clean up the area …

“He mentioned NPA council candidate Sean Bickerton as the kind of person he meant, an entertainment-industry guy who moved into Tinseltown and, when he found out about a significant social problem affecting his building, organized … to make change.”

1 thought on “Cleanup Efforts Cited by Peter Ladner & Frances Bula

  1. This website has EXPLODED in such a short time Sean. Regardless of what happens 11/15 (which I have a good feeling about) you have done a tremendous service to the city you love so much already. Thanks for all you do (especially since I will likely be moving there if McCain gets elected in the States)! Lots of love, Diane

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