Ten Wishes for Vancouver 2010

Here are ten heartfelt wishes for our city in 2010:

1. That we host one of the most successful Olympics & Paralympics in history; that credit is shared with everyone that did the heavy lifting to make it happen; and that Canada owns the podium throughout!

1000 in a park

2. That the city recognizes its mistake and restores the decades-old Vancouver minimum standard of 2.75 acres of parkland for every 1000 residents for all new development.

3. That we take simple steps to make Vancouver a more pedestrian-friendly city.

4. That the Mayor releases a comprehensive and credible plan to match his promise to end homelessness in the next five years.

Deteriorating Pantages Theatre

5. That the entire city comes together in order to develop the badly missing infrastructure necessary to sustain the vibrant arts sector of our economy.

6. An end to STIR-type corporate giveaways with no public benefit just to build market-rental housing instead of subsidized or stabilized rentals.

7. The restoration of regular order, courtesy and an atmosphere of respect in City Hall.

8. That the viaducts come down, a thousand parks bloom in their place, and Chinatown is completely revitalized.

9. That the City of Vancouver starts to play its expected role in leading Metro Vancouver  into the future and begins by repairing damaged ties with the UBC Endowment Lands.

10. That the Blue Moon that ushered in 2010 heralds a booming, broad-based economic recovery lifting all boats!