Bringing The Olympic Torch Home!

Four years ago, Tom and I were still living in New York, and we watched in amazement as the Mayor we had been reading about in the New York Times rolled up onto the stage in Turino, Italy and accepted the Olympic flag on behalf of all Vancouver. Watching Mayor Sullivan parade that flag across that Olympic stage for the City of Vancouver made us so proud of my hometown city. It literally brought tears of joy to my eyes.

It was a great moment for Vancouver, and he became an instant international icon of a progressive city where anything was possible. So it will be with great pride that we watch this morning as he carries the torch in Vancouver as that great symbol of peaceful international competition makes its final journey to the torch-lighting ceremony tonight.

As with all human endeavour, there are things to criticize. With something this big, it would be impossible to avoid in fact.

But now that the Opening Ceremonies are upon us this evening, it is time for all Vancouverites that love their city and all Canadians to cheer our athletes and give our enthusiasm and support for the most peaceful, successful games in the history of the Olympics. Here’s to Owning the Podium!

Go Canada! Go!

Waiting with Sam Sullivan before he carries the Olympic Torch (Photo: Tom Hudock)
The lighting of Sam's torch - one Olympic runner to the next! (Photo: Tom Hudock)
Sam carrying the torch down 1st @ Commercial Drive (Photo Credit: Tom Hudock)