Holiday Haiku Extravaganza

In celebration of the Holidays, I offer up a collection of seasonal Haiku I penned in the winter of 2000, (part of a group immortalized by Mike Howell during the last election campaign), and which I offer up here by way of a “prose-aic” Advent calendar for your mild entertainment.

‘Tis the Season

Great parties, old friends,
Gifts and good wishes exchanged;
Spirits lifted high.

My sister-in-laws Gillian & Julie, great-nieces Sarah and Anna & sister Linda

Winter Solstice

The Year’s shortest day,
A pagan rite made Holy;
Christ’s birth — Wiccan Feast.

Christmas Cheer

Drink egg nog, burn Yule,
Trim the tree and eat goose, but
Stand near mistletoe!

Outlaw Traditions

We gather in clans
To exchange gifts, feast and drink,
Christmas as potlatch!

The Night Before Christmas

Children’s eyes glow bright
On Christmas Eve’s sleepless night —

The Christmas Message

Christ, Mohammed and
Buddha all came to teach Peace,
Love, Goodwill to Man.

Boxing Day

The day after Yule,
Great houses gave food hampers —
A Tradesman’s Yule feast.

Great White North

Polar bears wait each year
For sea ice that lets them hunt;
Seals prefer summer.

New Year’s Eve

Millennial end:
Gutenberg’s revolution —
Dark ages to bright!

Canadian Dawn

Feathered silhouettes,
Black cedar forests outlined
By pale snow-capped peaks.

Sean Bickerton

Christmas 2000