My Friendly Challenge to SFU Professors, Michael Harcourt & BCS

This week the professional staff of our City, the experts we’ve hired to advise us, produced a thorough, thought-through plan after three years of consultations and revisions under the rubric of Historic Area Height Review.

Nonetheless, some of our city’s most educated and influential citizens felt it necessary to oppose this plan for new housing in the DTES, successfully defeating any further consideration of this report’s recommendations for the DTES during the rest of this council’s term.

I strongly disagree with their position on a strict policy basis favoring something over nothing and want to know why they’ve intervened to shut down any progress in this way.

That is why I’ve publicly challenged Michael Harcourt, the SFU Professors, and the Building Communities Society to sponsor a public forum where we can debate these issues.

Mr. Harcourt, Professors of SFU, and the Building Communities Society – are you up for a fair debate? I am. Name the time and place.