Dear Friends, Supporters, Donors & Volunteers

Many thanks for the thousands of kindnesses you’ve shown me over the past eight months!

Thank you for the hours spent phoning, the free haircut, the time spent on cold, rainy nights handing out my flyers, and for the friendliness you showed meeting me on corners when I was handing out my own.

Thank you for encouraging me along the way, helping my campaign, telling your friends to vote for me, advising me, introducing me to your circle, donating, volunteering, endorsing my candidacy, showing up, taking a sign, etc. Together, we have done everything possible to make voters aware of the issues I believed were important in this campaign.

But the voters have spoken, decisively rejecting a Mayoral campaign based on puerile, sophomoric, gotcha-style attacks and trivial wedge issues.

In the process, voters have also rejected my candidacy for a second time. Having no choice but to accept the wisdom of their decision, I will be withdrawing from public life and service in order to focus more time and attention on our business.

Congratulations to Mayor Robertson on his victory, and to his Vision council which has received a resounding endorsement of their policies and a clear mandate for the next three years.

I would also like to congratulate two exemplary council candidates, Elizabeth Ball and George Affleck, who conducted themselves with grace and class throughout a grueling and contentious election, and to two super new Park Board candidates John Coupar and Melissa De Genova.

Thank you again,