Tumbo Island

Tumbo Island: Acrylic on Paper (12″ x 14″)

In the summer of 2017, Tom and I spent an idyllic ten days at my brother Mike’s place at the south end of Saturna Island. Tom read a long book about the life of Julia Child. We played cribbage. Online was painfully slow so we abandoned it. I got a big chunk of writing done.

Right around cocktail hour, a group of deer would emerge silently, magical, looking at us intently, drooling slightly. They instinctively trusted Tom, as any sentient being would, and let him feed them by hand.

From the deck we looked across a sound to Tumbo Island. By the time we had finally slowed down to the speed of nature, I became entranced by the energy in the fast ocean currents racing around the island, with a rip tide clearly visible further to the east.

It was a very happy sojourn, which I hope this captures, at least a little.