Bowen Island

Bowen Island: Acrylic on Canvas (18″ x 24″) 

For the first three years I painted exclusively on paper. But this summer my husband Tom bought me a 3-pack of canvases at Michael’s. This, my first canvas, tries to capture a ridiculously neon sunset seen from our balcony, looking to the northwest towards Bowen Island during one of those perfectly long, hot summer days when the sun sets so far to the north.

Painting on canvas is a very different experience. The warp and weave of the surface becomes part of the painting, creates texture, and the paint and brush drag differently across the surface, the paint not nearly as saturated.

In earlier paintings I would often apply layer after layer of different shades of the same hue in rough, jabbing dashes trying to create texture and depth, hoping to infuse the painting with rich, glowing, saturated colours.

But the physical sensation and nature of painting on canvas completely changed that. I ended up with a much less-saturated palette. So I’m pleased some sense of the neon radiance I was trying to capture in this paler imitation somehow shows through.